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Chongqing CAERI Automobile Test Equipment Development Co.. Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd ( stock code 601965 ). It focus on research anddevelopment of test equipment for automobile, aviation...



The first pedestrian protection test system in China
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Recently, the pedestrian protection test system jointly developed by Kerry equipment and China Automotive Safety Center has been successfully developed and officially put into use; it is the first pedestrian protection test system independently developed in China.   The pedestrian protection test system has the advantages of high speed, high precision, compact structure, complex test standard and great difficulty. The pedestrian protection test system independently developed by Kerry equipment adopts the combination of hydraulic and pneumatic methods, which solves many technical problems. The maximum speed can reach 60km / h, the maximum energy can reach 4000j, and the capacity is far greater than the domestic existing imported equipment. The speed control accuracy is 0.2km/h. It integrates the safety index test specification of China Automotive Research Institute. After strict test, all performance and reliability are satisfactory Reach the international first-class level.   With the close cooperation and strong support of relevant colleagues from China automotive research safety center, Kerry equipment engineers have overcome difficulties and successfully completed the design, installation and commissioning of the equipment. After several months of strict testing and verification, the system fully meets the pedestrian protection test, main engine hood misoperation test, part of the parts impact test and battery pack impact test Test requirements, covering the new flexible leg test standard, with high technical level. The system is another major breakthrough in passive safety testing equipment of Kerry equipment company. In addition to CAAC research, it has realized the sales of SAIC, and communicated with BYD, GAC, Chery and other companies. The successful development of the system will have a positive impact on China's automobile passive safety testing field.
Successful acceptance of six column project of Foton of CAERI equipment
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On August 19, 2019, the "six channel tire coupling road simulation test system" manufactured by Kerry equipment successfully completed the final acceptance of BAIC Foton Automobile Co., Ltd. This is the first heavy-duty six channel tire coupling road simulation test system which has completed the final acceptance.   With the close cooperation and strong support of relevant personnel of BAIC Foton, the CAERI Equipment Engineer successfully completed the installation and commissioning of the equipment; and together with the testing personnel of BAIC Foton, we completed the closed-loop development and verification work of load spectrum simulation, strength fatigue analysis and vehicle bench durability of three types of Foton vehicles. After many tests and verifications, BAIC Foton is quite satisfied with the control accuracy and reliability of the equipment. It thinks that the test bench can fully meet the test requirements and has a high technical level. It also gives a high evaluation to our company.   The project is another major breakthrough after the light four column and heavy four column. The successful completion of the project has accumulated important experience for the development of tire coupling road simulation test system of our company, enriched the product series of our company's road simulation test system, and established a good cooperation relationship with BAIC Foton, forming a virtuous cycle of project undertaking.  
What are the main tasks of automobile braking performance testing equipment?
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What are the main tasks of automobile brake performance testing equipment?     Automobile testing equipment regularly checks the comprehensive performance and safe operation and environmental protection of electric vehicles to ensure the safety of electric vehicles. Let's learn about the main tasks of the automobile braking performance testing equipment.      1. To detect and diagnose the technical condition of transport vehicles in use.       2. The automobile inspection equipment is used to inspect the quality of the maintenance vehicles in the electric vehicle maintenance industry.   3. Accept the Commission to test the vehicle refitting, transformation, scrapping and related new processes, new technologies, new products and scientific research achievements, and provide test results.   4. Entrusted by the public security, commodity inspection, metrology and insurance departments, the automobile testing equipment carries out the inspection of relevant items and provides the test results.   Automobile braking performance testing equipment is mainly composed of one or several testing lines. For an independent and complete testing station, in addition to the detection line, it should also include parking lot, cleaning station, pump station, maintenance workshop, office area, living area and other facilities.
What are the six commonly used equipment for automobile inspection line analysis?
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What are the six commonly used equipment for automobile inspection line analysis?   Safety is the first problem that we pay attention to now, and the automobile safety performance test line is used for the automobile annual examination, which is required by the public security and traffic police department. Next, let's take a look at the general equipment of automobile safety inspection line, including:   1. If the deviation between the axle load test bench and the rated factory weight is too large, it will be suspected of refitting. The test value is mainly used to calculate the brake.   2. The speedometer is used to check whether the speedometer is accurate.   3. The automobile brake test bench mainly tests the brake performance.   4. The side slip test-bed is used to measure the wheel deflection during the straight-line driving.   5. The light detector mainly measures light intensity and light deviation.   6. The horn sound level is measured by the horn sound level meter, and the exhaust gas detection equipment measures the pollution status of the exhaust gas.


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